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PTFE color film is made of suspended PTFE resin with a certain amount of colorant, then molded, sintered into blanks, turned, and rolled into red, green, blue, yellow, purple, brown, black, orange. , white and other thirteen colors of PTFE directional or non-directional color film. Although the PTFE color film is added with a certain amount of colorant, it still has good electrical insulation, which is suitable for the insulation and classification identification of wires, cables and electrical devices.

It is made of suspended PTFE resin by molding, sintering, cooling into a blank, and then turning and calendering. The turned film is a non-oriented film, and the non-oriented film becomes an oriented film after being calendered. Non-oriented films are calendered 1.1-1.8 times for semi-oriented films. PTFE film is used as capacitor medium, wire insulation, electrical instrument insulation, and sealing gasket. PTFE film is divided into PTFE color film, PTFE activated film and F46 film.